Monday, June 21, 2010

July Dates ** Updated

Time to plan for the summer! We have two dates in July for Messy Fingers - yay!

The theme for the summer reading program is Go Green! and that theme will underlie both our programs. Because it is summer, I am designing our programs for all ages and encourage families with kids of different ages to come join the fun!

July 1 - Birds - bring lots of toilet paper tubes and we will learn about our feathered friends
***This will be at 1pm

July 13 - Paper Airplanes - grab your junk mail and see what trash makes the best plane and glider
***This will be at 10:30am

All the programs will be at the Millbury Public Library.
***Mrs. V has asked for sign ups - so check with the librarian to sign up today!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Paper Airplanes

My oldest got the great idea of making paper airplanes while we were stuck inside. The fun part about paper airplanes is that they are so manipulatable. We made them out of different papers, folded the wings in different spots, used paper clips, and launched them at our ceiling fan.

If you get inspired (or stuck inside), I would recommend checking out the website of Ken Blackburn, engineer and award winning paper airplane maker. Get it here.

What do you think flies better: copy paper or construction paper planes??