Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Science Books for Preschoolers

As I am most often hosted by libraries, I see a lot of science books for preschoolers. I kid you not most of them are not good. Some are outdated, other incorrect, and some are misleading.

One entire series stands out Let's Read and Learn.

I generally don't like science books with drawings, I really prefer photographs, but this series does an excellent job of illustrating science concepts authentically. This series started in the 1990s and still has new books coming out.

A number of titles as a question - and I love that. Science is about exploring and that must start with a question. I wonder...? How does that...? What happens if...?

Many of these titles are available at your local library - check them out next time you and your preschooler have a question

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Messy Fingers in Blackstone

Messy Fingers is on the move. Starting March 31, 2015, Messy Fingers will be at the Blackstone Public Library.

Programs run for four weeks. Each session is about 45 minutes and start at 1pm.

Call to reserve a space  (508) 883-1931

This library is not to be missed - this is a beautiful space and we will be trying out some brand new topics!  Sign up today!