Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scientist in the house...

I was chatting with one of the moms of a frequent participant in Messy Fingers about Sid the Science Kid. Her son adored watching Sid. He was telling me about decomposition and how much he loved Sid.

Me too!

I love Sid. I have always been impressed with how well the show organizes a topic so that preschoolers are not just interested but excited about science.

The show's science and teaching methods are based on solid scientific research. I've been completely, pleasantly, delightedly impressed with the research on preschool science. As many of us already know, preschoolers are wicked smart! Now there is a growing body of peer-reviewed, hard science on how preschoolers learn and express scientific thinking.

I hope that I am as enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable as Miss Susie, the teacher.

Just don't expect me to sing.

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