Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Playing with new friends

I am heading the Massachusetts Environmental Educator's Society Annual Conference tomorrow to present the Dirt Lab. I am really excited to be teaching about science to other educators and having the chance to learn new things too. (Yes, I loved school as a kid!)

The theme this is is about bringing Environmental Education home. I cannot emphasis enough just how important it is for kids to have an interested adult in their lives with whom they can share discoveries and explore. Enjoying science and asking questions are so important to inspire kids - as we all know - they learn what they see.

All of the participants have been asked to collect a dirt sample from their home and we are going to compare and contrast the samples. Then, just to mix it up a bit, we are going to see if different kinds of dirt, including some special dirt I am bringing, absorbs water different.y - or in Messy Finger's language - which dirt will make the best mud!

Check out the conference here.

I am off to collect some dirt - think of me tomorrow and wish me luck!!

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