Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Setting up your own Science Table at Home

Fall is a great time to set up a simple science table at home to promote exploration. There are many great subjects that tie in with the season such as pumpkins, leaves, or corn.

Find a table, desk, or even a nice shoe box and label it your Science Station. If you were going to do Leaves for example, gather a few different kinds of leaves, paint chips (in the same color families as the leaves), magnifying glasses (Massachusetts Audubon and iParty both carry them locally), paper, crayons, books on leaves, and maybe some bark.

Let you child explore and then ask them what they thought of the leaves? Were there any that were the same? How were they different?

You can make leave rubbings together or use the magnifying glasses to see if any critters has eaten the leaves or what the veins look like close up.

Some fun outside extensions are to make bark rubbings or see if you can match the leave to trees in your yard.

~Other topics can be treated in the same way.

What topics do you like to explore with your preschooler in the fall?

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