Monday, December 12, 2011


I want to start building up the Messy Fingers Blog and we are going to start with a give away. I have another goodie bag filled with fun science activities.
It will have things like a
  • Compare and Contrast kit with playdough
  • Bubbles - homemade and store bought
  • Shadow paper
  • Tools - like droppers
  • and some other surprises.
The drawing will be next Monday 12/19/11. I will announce the winner by 9am.

Here's how you enter (make one comment per entry please):
  1. Comment below with your favorite Messy Fingers activity you've done with your child
  2. Follow this blog
  3. Add you email to the list for Messy Fingers in January
Good luck!


  1. I think my favorites were the gummy fish in Jell-o (with D) and the marshmallow, chocolate and pretzel harvestmen (with C)... hmmm... I think I like ones with food ;)

    I know C would say his favorites were the circle gliders which he flies all over the place. I think D would say the butterfly kites w/ the pretty yarn tails.

  2. G's favorite is definitely the excavating of a dinosaur imprint (clay, sand). She enjoyed being an archeologist and using tools. We will often make imprints of small items in Play'doh or clay and take turns identifying them. She also gained a sense of how big the dinosaurs were, based on the activity of using a measuring tape to show the height of various the dinosaurs.