Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Experiment of the week: Bubbles

Here is a challenge perfect for summer - which solution makes the best bubbles: Homemade or Store-bought?  It is an age old question on so many fronts. Here you need:

Your favorite store purchased bubbles
Bubble wands or pipe cleaners made into wands
Homemade bubbles (my recipe to follow)

So, what makes a good bubble? Does it last the longest? Is it the biggest? or the most?  Decide a head of time and make a prediction (guess) about what solution makes for the best bubbles.  Now test! Remember to use the same bubble wands for the testing and go for it!

My favorite bubble recipe:
1 gallon of water
1 9oz bottle of Dawn (any color)
2 oz glycerin
24 hours

Mix the water, Dawn and glycerin together very slowly and set aside for a day. Makes gobs of bubble solution that can last for months. If it is possible not to use it all up in a day!

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