Monday, February 4, 2013

5 things to do with a straw

Here are 5 different science explorations using straws.

1. Take a straw, a cotton ball and a toy car. Try blowing the cotton ball and see how far across the floor you can push it with your breath. Now try it with the car. Which one was easier to push? Why do you think it was easier?  What else can you push with your breath?

2. Grab your straw and some pieces of paper. To be safe the paper should be fairly large. Instead of blowing out, suck in. Can you lift the paper? Try newspaper? What kind of paper can you lift?

3. This is one time you CAN blow bubbles with a straw and not get into trouble!  Try blowing bubbles in different kinds of liquids like milk, water, juice or even oil. Were they all the same? Did the bubbles last the same amount of time?

4. Now let's use the straw to hold the liquids. Put the liquid in the straw and put your finger over the opening at the top. Lift the straw out of the liquid but don't move your finger. The liquid will stay in the straw. Lift your finger?  What happened the liquid?

5. Make bubbles that you can keep. Pour some paint into a shallow bowl. Add a little bit of water and soap. Blow bubbles and then carefully lay a piece of paper over the top. The bubbles will be captured on the paper. You can try adding different colors of paint to see what colors emerge.

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