Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bean Seeds

I planted bean seeds with preschoolers a couple of weeks ago. Four seeds I placed seam down and one seam up to see if there would be a difference in the plant.

These are my bean seeds after three days. Only one had sprouted.

This is how it looked in the window.
The beans are facing the window. My south facing windows don't actually get that much sun because the roof of my porch  shades them, so this is facing west.

Planting beans or other large seeds like this is a great opportunity to see the entire plant as it grows. The paper towel in the baggie keeps the seeds moist and the shelf of staples keeps the seeds from getting too wet. Once they have leaves, open the bag and plant or continue to water them. If you leave them in the bag to grow, you will need to feed with plant food in the water.

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