Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Science for Dessert

My husband found a Girl Scout cookie knock off at Stop and Shop this week. He picked up a box of his favorite just to see what they were like and me, well, being me, thought "Hmm, let's turn this into science!"

So we compared the cookies. The Girl Scout Thin Mints are on the left. They were much darker and thicker. The Stop and Shop cookies were crisper.
So we each predicted which cookie we thought we would like best. Then we closed our eyes and someone else fed us a cookie. We circled our prediction (we all thought that Girl Scout cookies would be our favorite). 

The Stop and Shop cookies were very minty at first, but the minty didn't last long. The Girl Scout cookies had a minty flavor that lasted longer but wasn't as intense. 

Then we decided which cookie we liked best. We marked that with a check. So we were each right in our prediction, we all prefered Girl Scout cookies. 


  1. Once a friend and I did an extensive study on which Jelly Belly's we liked. I can't remember the end results but I remember that we started with documenting the exact color of the bean and tasting part of it to determine flavor before rating it.

  2. Hi! I think that it is a good idea to get the girls talking and involved in science too.Girls could use any "knock-off" brand with this experiment.

    Though I disagree with stores making knock-off cookies to compete with Girl Scouts selling similar cookies, I guess we must pick our battles. Right now, I'm involved in getting more official Outdoor Program back in Girl Scouting. (the Outdoor Journey Project).

    Besides, I know what cookies I will pick this Girl Scout Cookie selling season. The Girl Scout ones!! They not only taste good, but people who buy them are supporting Girl Scouting. Yay!

    Interesting posting! Thanks for sharing it.