Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Pumpkins are such a great to enjoy science and fall at the same time. I found a great blog with some fun preschool pumpkin science ideas. Check it out here.

Now don't think for a single second that all those are actually science activities. Remember that when we are scientists we ask questions, make predictions, then we collect data, analyze the data, and then recheck our question.

Soo, when you see the erupting pumpkin recognize that it is a really fun activity but you will need  to help your child by making predictions and asking good questions. But it looks really cool!!

And before you start carving that scary jack-o-lantern, take a moment to make some predictions about what you think is inside it, how big it is, if it might float, how it smells, and if you are brave, how it tastes. Me, I think it tastes yucky. Yep, that is my science word - yucky.

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