Monday, April 25, 2011

Animal of the Week - Rabbits

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In our post chocolate and jelly bean haze, I thought it might be fun to learn about real rabbits this week.

Cottontail rabbits, the most common of six species of rabbits in the US, can be found in almost any grassy habitat. Rabbits are vegetarians and eat plants in the warmer weather and bark and twigs in the winter. They most often come to people's attention when they start eating tender plants set out in the spring.

Rabbits can live as long as two years in the wild and they do have lots of babies. Rabbits can have up to four litters in a year with as many as eight babies in each litter.

For your best chances of seeing a rabbit, you have to get up early or stay up late - rabbits are most often seen at dawn and just after dusk.

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  1. We see bunnies in our yard quite often. It amazed me that they never bothered our garden. My son loves sitting in the grass in the evening and waiting for them to come out. We had a lot of fun this winter looking for bunny tracks in the snow.