Monday, August 1, 2011

Animal of the Week: Bullfrog

Bullfrogs live in the eastern portion of North America and can be found livening up the nighttime symphony with their deep "jug-o-rum" calls.

These guys love to live in ponds and lakes and will eat anything they can get their mouth around. They are as omnivorous as it comes eating fish, grubs, insects, and even other frogs. What about plants, I hear you say? Well, when these guys are tadpoles they eat algae when young and will take on larger prey when they are large enough.

The tadpoles can live two years in a pond before metamorphosing in to frogs. They have big tadpoles and it is worth trolling murky waters with a net this year just to see them. They are fairly dark compared to other more petite tadpoles.

And these guys are actually farmed in the south as a food source. Yum, eh?

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