Monday, April 2, 2012

Animal of the Week: Frogs and Toads

Frog and Toad adventures are a common part of most school's reading curriculum and often get lumped together. Yet there are come pretty cool differences.

Here in New England we have three groups of amphibians:
Tree Frogs and

Frogs live in or near ponds as adults, have smooth skin and no suction cups on their toes.

Tree frogs may live in a wetland or just near one, have smooth skin and use the suction cups on their feet to hold on to trees.

Toads only need to be in water as tadpoles, have bumpy skin and no suction cups on their toes.

So the next time you find an adult amphibian in your back yard, check out its toes! Be careful that your hands are wet if you pick one up, amphibians breath through their skin and will absorb what is on your skin. 

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