Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OT: Slightly

I tried something rather silly and thought that you all might enjoy it. I mailed some spring time goodies to my niece, nephews and my husband's grandmother today. 

Yes, those are plastic eggs. If you grab the large ones - the bigger the better - and fill them with goodies, you can mail them. I filled them with stickers, silly bands, candy and toys. You can fit a whole lot of stuff in those eggs.

I mailed them as small parcels and it took $1.95 in stamps. The meter sticker doesn't fit so I used three pretty butterfly stamps on each one. (No, these weren't the strangest thing my PO has ever mailed - I am so going to have to up my game!)

There are loads of other Messy Fingers-like uses for plastic eggs. Here are a few favorites from our house:

  • Noise makers - add beads, buttons, beans etc. and tape really well
  • Color sorting - can you match the color of the egg to legos, beads, balls, blocks, etc.
  • Play-dough holders - this is a fun container for home made playdough
  • Bath toys - they are great for holding various amounts of water
  • Bath toys II - put a bath tub dye tab in one with a hole (lots have a hole) and toss in the tub
How do you like to re-use your plastic eggs?

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  1. Love it! I never would have thought to mail a plastic egg!