Tuesday, January 6, 2015

No Angry Way to say Bubbles

I am not a huge fan of blog posts that are merely lists of sites or a collage of pictures with no words. Generally I find there is less value in looking at someone else's pile of websites than going to look for the original blog post myself.

It was in the poking around...umm...I mean research in the blogging world that I came across one of the best quotes ever for preschoolers. Let's face it, preschoolers have a lot of new things coming at them from all directions and sometimes, they loose their cool.

This quote is for those moments.

Blowing bubbles is an excellent way to help your preschooler calm down. You have to breath deeply to blow bubbles and that alone can calm anyone down.

And then there is this quote. Great isn't it.

Go check out her blog here.  Maybe you will find inspiration too.

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  1. Great quote! I love it! Bubbles are great- with the freezing temps descending upon us it might be fun to go out and try to freeze bubbles. Here are some links to other fun bubbles ideas to try: http://www.shareitscience.com/2014/11/saturday-science-experiment.html