Monday, February 2, 2015

5 things to do in a blizzard - revisited

A while back, I posted about some fun things to do in blizzard. You can read them here. There are some fun ideas there but with temperatures hovering around 5' here, time outside with a little one is limited.

What is a simple and fun thing to do inside on a snow day?

Magnets - this is such a classic fun science topic. Magnets are one of the unseen forces of nature we can really explore with preschoolers. There are rule to learn like magnets have poles and you can only put opposite poles together. They have force meaning they can push or pull something without touching it. And we can learn these rules because they don't change.

You probably have more magnet toys than you realize. (These photos are from Amazon and

  • Thomas and other wooden trains are magnetic. So are some Bob the Builder toys from the same company.
  • Magna doodles 
  • Magna formers 
  • Guidecraft - better builder sets - this is one of my favorites with kids
  • Melissa and Doug - magnetic paper dolls - they have both girls and boys to dress
  • Magnetic fishing games - wind up travel sized and battery operated larger versions
  • Magnetic maze games
  • Wooly Willy - this uses a magnet to move around contained iron filings

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