Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This week's topic is Bubbles. Now I am betting you are wondering why bubbles in the middle of winter. Wonder no longer - bubbles are great fun in any weather - and they are a really accessible way to introduce kids to science.

Grab some of your favorite bubble solution and small tray. Thread yarn through two straws (or even one straw cut in half), tie it and you have a great bubble wand. Pour bubble solution in to the tray and dip the straw and string in. Let the string or yarn absorb the liquid for a moment then carefully pull out. If you grasp the straw and slowly pull them apart you will have a great bubble ready for a soft breath to blow it.

What else can make bubbles in your house?  You can blow bubble through whisks, fly swatters, spools, and whatever your imagination can think of. Pipe cleaners can be bent into all sorts of fun shapes that make cool bubbles.

Here is a fun way to capture bubbles with paint.
Here is a fun challenge to do in the winter - IF it ever gets cold enough. Really you need temperatures below 20'F. This is what happened when I did it.

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