Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Friday Bubble Factoids

Bubbles are round. Molecules are lazy and round is the least energetic form for them to be in.

Ok, now I am pretty sure I've told you that before but I want to share some of my very favorite bubbly websites. There are many places on the web to find other bubble fans - most are way beyond the average preschooler and a few are even beyond the most avid lay science geek {blush}. I love, LOVE that super smart physicists love bubbles too.

For your reading and bubble blowing pleasure, click away...
Learning Express - basic bubble info that you know if you hang out with me
Soap Bubbles - for the lay science geeks, check out the When Bubble Meets Bubble photos - some alternative recipes for bouncy bubbles, {sigh} few pictures but good content
Steve Spangler - he is my new science crush - not much on the page but links - follow them to bubbly goodness and fun - I want to make the swimming pool bubbles this summer.

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